Chris Brown & Fabolous Challenge Other Celebrities To Use Their Voices

Chris Brown and Fabolous have taken to social media to challenge other celebrities to use their voices and influence for more than selling albums and promoting their brands.

In a post on his Instagram page, Fab wrote, “As celebrities or people with a platform we do need to stand up & be the voice of the people. Especially in matters like this… But we need to stand in the right way.”

The rapper and father continued, “As celebrities, musicians, actors, athletes, & citizens we need to get behind Civil Rights Activist & Politicians who want to CHANGE the LAWS!!!

See his Fabolous’ full post below.



Chris Brown also echoed Fab’s sentiments in a profanity-laced video where he said, “How about we speak up right now and help people! Can we help?! Can our voices actually mean something? PLEASE!”


Your thoughts?