During an impromptu Q&A with her followers (and haters), Nia set the record straight on a few things…

She revealed everything including the fact that Chris Brown lied about using protection when they were intimate!

Why she’s requesting $16,000/mo in child support:

There is no number set what I’m wanting is only what’s legal for our child.

“THE WOMAN” who advised her to ask for supervision, monitors, and random drug testing is Chris Brown’s mother, Joyce Hawkins:

When your own MOTHER bashes you… Well.

Why she’s speaking out:

I’ve never said anything to the public. Every day there is a story. Some things I just got to set straight.

I’ve been quiet 2 years and get bashed….Not no more. I’ll speak up now.

Why she waited so long to tell Chris about Royalty:

Honey. He knew about her since the BEGINNING.

On Chris Brown lying about using contraception:

Never LET HIM RAW DOG ME… Get that straight. HE took my option to decide if I wanted his child when he LIED about USING protection.

Why she doesn’t work:

MY OLDEST FATHER IS THE REASON I DON’T WORK… Be mad at him. He wants me not to work so I’m here 24/7 for his child…has nothing to do with MY YOUNGEST FATHER.



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