Chris Brown


Chris Brown publicly lashed out at those who criticized and made jokes about him for running to seek shelter when gunshots rang out at his performance at the LA Fiesta Night Club early Sunday morning leaving five people injured.

5 People Injured When Gunfire Erupts At A Chris Brown Performance



Apparently, there are a few people who feel Breezy should have stood on stage in Superman mode or hit some of his ill dance moves to dodge the bullets rather than taking cover.

Breezy blacked out on social media in response to the ridiculous criticism.


Chris Brown Instagram post


I totally understand Chris Brown’s frustrations with this one. However, he is also going to have to be an agent of change. The smile on his face when he saw the dudes fighting was no bueno. It looked as if he enjoyed it until the shots started popping off.

I’m sure has deleted this rant off of social media just like all of his other posts.