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Chris Brown Blasts TMZ For Reporting He Stomped A Fan

It’s no secret TMZ’s got it bad like Usher when it comes to Chris Brown.

The singer has taken to social media to blast the gossip site for reporting he assaulted and stomped a fan’s head during an altercation in Cannes in May.

Via TMZ:

Chris Brown exploded in anger and stomped on a man’s head during a concert … and the victim is now gunning for some justice.

Malek Mokrani attended a Brown concert in Cannes on May 18 … it’s clear a fight erupted and something clearly upset Chris, because you see his shoe turn into a weapon.

It’s unclear if Mokrani was involved in the fight or just collateral damage.

He tells us he went to the hospital with neck and head pain and plans on filing a police report.

Here’s video of the alleged incident.



Breezy is telling a different story.

After offering TMZ an enthusiatic, “F**k ya,” Chris proceeds to explain, he did not assault anyone or hurt any fans.

It was the club’s security who grabbed him around his neck and assaulted him. That’s when his security stepped in and handled their business.


It’s pretty clear Chris Brown is tired of having his name dragged through the mud.

Your thoughts?