Chris Bosh mom Frieda Bosh arrested

Frieda Bosh Arrested

Chris Bosh‘s mother, Frieda Bosh, has been arrested for allegedly using a disabled man in her “drug distribution activities.”

Via TMZ:

We broke the story … the Texas home where Frieda lives was raided by law enforcement officials earlier this month because cops believes a drug trafficking operation was being run out of the home.

Now, officials say Frieda and another man living at the home, Johnathan Brown, were “exploiting a disabled person” … by forcing the man to use his disibility check to pay their rent.

As we previously reported, the home is owned by Chris Bosh — and Frieda says he’s trying to evict her. They haven’t spoken in years.

Officials say Brown was running the drug ring — and Frieda “allowed this to occur as a means of obtaining free narcotics and marijuana from Brown, while also allowing narcotics and marijuana to be distributed from the offense location.”

For her part, Frieda has denied wrongdoing — and previously pointed the finger at a short-term tenant who had moved out of the home.

Earlier this month, Frieda told TMZ she isn’t trafficking drugs, but said Chris was evicting her from the home he purchased.