Chinx Drugz wife Janelli Caceres on Hot 97


It’s been almost three months since Chinx Drugz was gunned down in a drive-by shooting in Queens.

On Friday, Chinx’s wife, Janelli Caceres, and his manager, Doug Ellison, stopped by the “Ebro in the Morning” show for an exclusive interview and to promote the late rapper’s forthcoming album, Welcome to JFK.

Janelli said she was never a part of the music side of Chinx’s life, but now she has had to step in and take over now that he’s gone.

I never was involved with his personal stuff when it came to the music and everything I played the house role.

But, since he’s been gone I’ve had to basically take over full circle and actually become him overnight. Meetings, interviews…everything.

Becoming overwhelmed with emotion, Janelli opened up about life after Chinx’s passing and said it’s like living it over again every day.

The family is okay. We’re just taking it one day at a time.

The closer it gets to this moment the more…it’s heartbreaking because as happy as we are that we’re here…it’s still bittersweet because this is his hard work. He should be enjoying this, you understand? Not us. We should be celebrating with him, not for him.

It’s getting harder and harder as the days go on. It’s about to be three months since he’s been gone and every day is like facing it for the first time all over again. It doesn’t seem real until you think about it.

The kids are trying to soak it in. I think for them it just feels like he’s away. He’s in the studio or traveling or something. It’s moments like this when they see him on TV and they hear him on the radio, we attend an event, that they realize he’s not here. That’s the girls because my son still thinks eventually someday he’s supposed to come back. He just turned five so for him it’s like, ‘Well, when is he coming back?’ He knows that he’s gone, he just doesn’t understand that death is forever. He thinks that at some point and time he’s going to return.

It’s really hard.

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