Chinx Drugz wife Janelli Pickens


New York police are continuing their search to find the person(s) responsible for the drive-by shooting that killed 31-year-old rapper, Chinx Drugz, and critically injured his passenger early Sunday morning in Queens.

Chinx’s widow, Janelli Pickens, spoke with ABC 7 on Monday saying, “It is a hard time, we are going through a lot.”

Janelli and Chinx (born Lionel Pickens) were married eight years and they have two daughters, ages 14 and 11, and a 4-year old son.

It’s a very devastating situation, his kids are greatly affected by all this. They don’t quite understand, but it will hit them soon. For his son, who doesn’t understand why God’s angels have come and taken his father, he just wants to know when he’s going to bring him back, and it’s hard, it’s very hard.

A lot of people don’t understand that this was his life, was his family.

Janelli also said she was supposed to go out with Chinx the night he was killed, but she stayed home because she was tired.

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