I’m gonna address this one time and one time only cause I’m sooo tired of the comments and the post and the bs!!! I DO NOT CARE ABOUT MALIKA, ERICA MENA OR ANYYYY OTHER CHICK THAT HAD ANY INVOLVEMENT WITH MY HUSBAND!!!!!

What’s known n understood does not need to be explained!!!!! I am mourning the loss of my husband, trying to find his killer, preparing my kids for the worst and planning a f**kin funeral. I’m not worred bout the stupid sh*t!!

At the end of the day all those woman will move on n forget him by next week. Me n my children will be affected by this for the rest of our lives!! As a mother I’m focusing on raising 3 kids alone that’s all!!!

These women didn’t have no relevance before and they won’t have it now!!! I did everything for that man I handled everything in his life we weren’t separated we went thru sh*t like every other couple who cares!!! You wanna make yourself relevant than play detective and help me catch the loser that did this… anything else is a joke to me!

I have the power…He was the entertainer n he had groupies ok so what??!! But I was someone who will never be replaced he couldn’t live without me n now I can’t live without him!!

So plz for anyone who thinks they got it figured out make yourself useful for once n send ya respects not shade, help us find his killer or donate to his kids future since yah care so much.

For those who have stood up for me thank you! Nobody is in pain the way I am!!!

A petition was launched on Change.org to have Mediatakeout remove a story regarding Chinx and Malika.

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