Couple Loses Custody Of Their Baby After Live-Streaming The Birth On Facebook

Folks better recognize and put some respeck on the power of social media.

A Sacramento, California couple lost custody of their baby after they live-streamed the child’s birth on Facebook and someone contacted Child Protective Services.

For 45-minutes strangers around the world watched as Sarah Dome gave birth to her baby boy, Ngnagatulelei HeKelesi, because her husband, who was filming, forgot to put the video setting on private.

Kali Kanongata admitted, “I was pretty much shocked that I put it on live for everyone to see.”

The couple’s happy moment ended when Child Protective Services showed up and took custody of their baby boy less than 24 hours later.

Someone watching the live stream recognized Kali from a domestic violence allegation from a past relationship.

Now, the couple has to go to court to convince a judge the baby is not in any danger.

“They came in and took our baby,” Sarah said. “I only spent one night with him.”

Kali denies the allegations. “It’s really tough for me,” he said. For both of us.”

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