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It’s with great disappointment that I report Chico DeBarge was arrested earlier this month for drug possession.

The singer reportedly locked his keys inside of his SUV in the parking lot of a Burbank, California Walmart. 

Chico was trying to jimmy the door open with a piece of wire when cops spotted him and assumed he was trying to break into the vehicle.

When they searched Chico, they allegedly found methamphetamine in his pockets and placed him under arrest.

Upon searching Chico DeBarge’s vehicle, they allegedly found drug paraphernalia.

Chico was booked at the Burbank City Jail and released. 

The City Attorney is reviewing the case to decide if Chico will be formally charged. 

The DeBarge family has battled and struggled with addiction over the years.

It makes me sad to know Chico may be using again. 

Hopefully, he will get the help he needs.