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Chi-Raq Movie Review

Being the average young black male in America is challenging. Infant mortality rates are higher than any other racial group, and if he does make it A.O.A, Alive on Arrival, he has to deal with education disparities; he’s twice as likely as his white friend to held back in elementary school, three times as likely to be suspended from school, and half as likely to graduate from college. Let’s say he avoids the black male achievement gap, he STILL has to deal with racial profiling, a high chance of being unemployed, an even higher chance of being incarcerated, and the probability of living less years than his white counterpart. That shyt is depressing! He needs to someone to talk to, someone who over-stands his plight, someone who looks like him. But he can’t, because out of all the aforementioned ills he has to encounter, the most disheartening and nefarious obstacle waiting for him is…black-on-black violence. Mothers are crying. Sisters are grieving. Girlfriends are mourning. Something has to give – or not give. Actress Teyonah Parris devises a plan on not giving in the new movie, “Chi-Raq”.

Does this film feed your soul like Harold’s Chicken, or is it long and irritating like a Chicago winter? Let’s go!

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