Charlie Sheen is expected to disclose his HIV status on the “Today Show” on Tuesday.

The actor is coming clean after a tabloid blew up his spot claiming he’s known his status for years, but kept it a secret.

Now, he’s been threatened with lawsuits by people he’s had sex with without disclosing his HIV status.

Via TMZ:

We’re told things changed when Charlie confided in several friends he thought were confidants … it turned out they weren’t, and spread the word he was HIV positive.

That led to several of Charlie’s former partners contacting him and threatening a lawsuit because they were unaware of his status when they had interaction with him. Our sources say Charlie settled several of the cases and, in return for money, got confidentiality agreements.

We’re told one of the settlements occurred late last month.

We also know when people go to Charlie’s house they are almost always required to sign confidentiality agreements which require anyone who might make a claim to do so in arbitration and not through the courts … which thereby keeps things private.

Sources close to Charlie Sheen say his meds have caused the virus to become “undetectable” in his blood, so he doesn’t feel like he deceived anyone.

An undetectable status does NOT mean you’re cured. An undetectable viral load means that so few copies of the virus are present in the blood that today’s monitoring tests are unable to detect them.

I guess we’ll hear it straight from the horse’s mouth on Tuesday.

Your thoughts?


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