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Charles Barkley To Donate $1M To Black Women In Alabama

Charles Barkley is a Habitual Line-Stepper…a Can’t Get Right, if you will.

On “Inside the NBA,” Charles proudly announced he would be investing in black women in Alabama by donating $1 million to them for startups.

Just when I was about to give him a slow clap and an ounce of credit, he noted that the money is NOT to be used for hair salons and restaurants as if that’s all black women have to offer as entrepreneurs.

Charles said:

I am pledging $1 million to black women in Alabama to start I.T. startups.

Right now! I’m giving them a million dollars.

I’m pledging $1 million because black women really came out and supported Doug Jones.

I’m pledging $1 million to women in Alabama to do startups. That does not mean hair salons and restaurants black women! I mean startups.

Watch the tomfoolery below.


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