Chance The Rapper - Kirsten Corley - Kensli Bennett

While Hip Hop’s golden child is preparing for his big night at the Grammy’s…he’s still taking care of some unfinished business at home.

Lawyers for Chance The Rapper and his on-again, off-again girlfriend, Kirsten Corley, returned to Cook County court on Friday (Feb 10) to hash out a child support and parenting schedule for their 16-month-old baby girl, Kensli Bennett.

The sometime couple are “in the process of establishing separate residences” and they want to get their affairs in order in the best interest of their daughter.

In his petition, Bennett is asking the court to “set a child support award below statutory guidelines,” grant an order protecting personal information, require Corley to share in expenses for their daughter because she is “capable of full-time employment in several capacities” and refer the former couple to private mediation.

In regards to child support, Bennett’s attorneys argue that “while courts are careful not to limit the amount of child support to the child’s ‘shown needs’ because a child is not expected to live at a minimal level of comfort while the noncustodial parent is living a life of luxury… courts have recognized that ‘a large income does not necessarily trigger an extravagant lifestyle.'” His attorneys did not return a Tribune request for comment.

The case between Corley and Bennett dates back to February 2016, five months after Corley gave birth. She filed a petition then to establish paternity and set child support. In June, Bennett and Corley established a parenting plan that hinged on them living together. Corley withdrew the petition for support and allocation of parenting time last month and it seemed the couple had worked out their differences.

“Despite the fact the matter’s back before the court, Miss Corley will continue to foster the relationship between Mr. Bennett and their child and will work towards an amicable resolution of all issues,” said her attorney, Enrico J. Mirabelli.

2 weeks ago, Chance posted the photo above on his Instagram page with the caption,”No matter what we are, we’re always family ???‍?‍? ”


Chance The Rapper, who is in LA prepping for his Grammy Awards performance, posted this adorable photo of his baby girl:


Chance The Rapper's daughter Kensli

Nothing I’m doing currently would be possible without this girl right here. She’s so kind and loving and brilliant and beautiful. And I wouldn’t have her without her mother, so thank you for creating and raising the greatest gift I’ve ever received. Cannot wait to get back to this.

I hope Chance and Kirsten are able to work everything out amicably.