Chance The Rapper Covers Billboard Magazine

Chance The Rapper Covers Billboard

What a great day it is when your favorite rapper is gracing Billboard.

Chance The Rapper is donning the latest issue of Billboard magazine and inside his cover story, the Chicago rapper talks about the representation of black women in rap music and his responsibilities as an artist.

I understand how black women are represented in rap music, how being a baby mama is perceived.

My girlfriend and I are very conscious of how many people in our situation don’t think it can work out, when it can.

Kids would tell me they tried acid for the first time listening to Acid Rap, asking me if I wanted some. I realized the responsibility of being a popular artist.

Chance’s latest album, Coloring Book, is nothing short of amazing! It became the first stream-only album to chart on the Billboard 200 and open in the top 10.

The success of the album prompted the Grammy Awards to rewrite their rules to make stream-only albums and songs eligible for awards.

Read Chance The Rapper’s full interview here.

If you’ve been sleeping on Coloring Book it’s time to wake up!