Chance The Rapper Announces New Chance Arts & Literacy Fund For CPS, Chicago Bulls Donate $1M
Chance The Rapper, Bulls President Michael Reinsdorf

Chance The Rapper Announces New Fund, Chicago Bulls Donate $1M

Chance The Rapper’s efforts to improve Chicago Public Schools continues as the Grammy Award-winning rapper has announced his New Chance Arts and Literacy Fund, which aims to bring resources for education in the arts to underfunded schools in the city.

Last month, Chance, born Chancelor Bennett, donated $1 million to CPS. You can get the scoop on that here.

I’m very excited to report the Chicago Bulls are supporting Chance’s initiative with a $1 million dollar donation to Chicago Public Schools.



This is absolutely fantastic!

Kudos to Chance and the Chicago Bulls! My hope is that others will see this and follow their lead in their own cities.

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