Chance The Rapper, Alessia Cara & Maren Morris Cover Billboard

Chance The Rapper, Alessia Cara, and Maren Morris are gracing the latest issue of Billboard magazine as the Grammys Class of 2017.

Inside the issue, the 24-year-old rapper, Alessia, 20, and Maren, 26, talk music, politics, and winning Grammys.

Read a few quotes below.

On how they would react to winning their first Grammy:

Morris: The first people I’m going to thank are my parents because they’re basically God to me. They busted their asses driving me around Texas to every honky-tonk and [Grand Ole] Opry show. Otherwise, I’m going to get a phone call.

Cara: I probably will thank God. I definitely always think it in my head. I’m not crazy religious, but I do believe.

Chance: The first thing I’ll do is give glory to God. If I get nominated, I’m going to throw a huge party in Chicago and I’ll fly in all my friends. We’ll celebrate the Grammys’ recognition of grass-roots independent artists and this new way of releasing music by nominating me. We’ll f—ing go crazy for, like, two days straight.

On challenges faced by people of color and women in the music industry:

Chance: Pretty much the same challenges that they face throughout the rest of the world in terms of being overlooked, underappreciated and held back from a lot of stuff. Colorism and racism don’t stop when you’re a musician or when you have wealth or when you’re in any given position. Kendrick [Lamar] going home Grammy-less [in 2014, when he was nominated in seven categories] was an awesome moment for people to recognize that it plagues us regardless of talent or skill.

Cara: One thing would be stop trying to pit [women] against each other all the time. Why does [competition] always have to be portrayed as a feud? You don’t really see that with men.





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