Donnell Rawlings fight in Philly restaurant

Donnell Rawlings Throwing Down In Philly Restaurant Over $12 Bill

Comedian Donnell Rawlings, best known for his hilarious character, “Ashy Larry,” on “The Chappelle Show,” was caught on tape throwing down in a Philly restaurant over a misunderstanding about his bill.

According to Donnell, who was in Philly to perform at the Helium Comedy Club, he stopped by Little Pete’s to get a bite to eat. When he stepped outside the restaurant for a smoke, he says the waitress went berserk and accused him of dining and dashing. Keep in mind, his belongings were still inside of the eatery.

The waitress claims the comedian was drunk and made it very clear he had no intention of paying his bill. So, when he walked out she confronted him.

On his Twitter page, Rawlings wrote:



See video of the altercation on page 2.