So this is how the devil works… Every time in life you do something good, some negative shit happens to try & detour your focus away from the positivity…… I’m out here giving people money everyday & while I’m gone this piece of shit right here vandalizes my property & breaks all of my cars windows while I’m gone….. If you recognize this p***y or have any info please dm me & I will do the rest….. He drives a white Audi truck, has blondish/brown curly hair & is about 6’0 tall & skinny……..& if you see this you b**ch a** coward, you gone pay!

Hopefully, this unfortunate incident won’t deter The Game from being a blessing to others.    

Told yall I’m out here blessing people… Daphne @islandgyaldede commented her baby daddy work address because they were currently homeless after moving out here from Georgia needing a change….. She said the price of living is way higher here & she just needed a lil boost because her daughter’s father is the only one working right now since she has the baby all day & their doing the best they can…… I gave her that $1,000 & she instantly started to cry tears of joy…. Things like this are just as much as a gift for me as it was for them…… I love helping people & that’s why for the next 25 days until my album drops on the 25th, I’m randomly giving $1,000 away a day to my fans that need it the most…… On my mama I’m gone pull up…… just FOLLOW @AvanteRoseGold & hashtag #TheDocumentary2 & #KeepTheCityLit & you just might be tomorrow’s WINNER…. I now have $24,000 left & 24 people to get it to…. I love yall – The Game @TheRobinhoodproject #TheRobinHoodProject A video posted by The Game (@losangelesconfidential) on


Kudos to Game and his Robin Hood Project.

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