August Alsina Gropes A Fan's Breasts On Stage

August Alsina gropes a fan’s breasts on stage.

An August Alsina fan got more than she bargained for when the singer began groping her breasts on stage during a live performance over the weekend.

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The “No Love” singer was performing at the Freebandz Music Fest in Baton Rouge on Friday. During his set he invited a beautiful young woman on stage to serenade her.

August stood behind the woman, then slid his hand down her left breast. He massaged it a little before heading over to her right breast. Visibly uncomfortable, the woman quickly reacted by shielding her right breast from August’s hand.

The viral video has sparked quite a bit of dialogue on social media with many calling the singer on the carpet for sexual harassment.

See the video and peep the tweets on page 2.