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Cassie is celebrating her 33rd birthday by sharing the first photo of her baby bump.

The photo, posted on her Instagram page, comes two months after the model and singer announced she and her boo, Alex Fine, were expecting their first child together.

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Leading up to her big reveal, the mommy-to-be has been sharing her thoughts and feelings writing:

Turning 33 on the 26th, so naturally I’m reflecting.

I’ve always kept to myself, I don’t think that will ever change.
I’ve always found comfort in mystery. Maybe it’s a Virgo thing.
But all mysteries aside, I can’t even put into words how excited I am for this journey in becoming a mother.
I often sit and think about what her laugh will be like and how all I want to do is protect her. I’m so happy that she picked me. 
I feel so blessed to have entered this next phase of my life. No more overthinking. It’s time to live, grow, teach and above all, learn. I look at it like I get to live life again, but through her eyes. It’s an unmatchable feeling. Thank you for letting me reflect. ♥️ 
This past year has been such a transformative year for me, I honestly can’t imagine what’s to come as I continue to become even more comfortable in my own skin. Building routine and structure for myself was really key for my growth. In that I found the ground that I was always meant to be standing on. Living in truth. Living in health. Living in love.
This year for me was about balance and taking my power back where I had given it away too freely. I tend to want to please everyone and I’m hard on myself when I fail at it, so the power of saying no and owning it was a life changer. The power of letting go of things not meant for me or things that weren’t deserving of my heart and time were as well.
If you’re anything like me, your journey and every step (especially looking back) feels like a movie, but once you really take on the responsibility of being present and writing it, really beautiful things begin to happen. Today I am so thankful and I just wanted to share that.

See Cassie’s beautiful baby bump photo below.

Congrats and Happy Birthday to the mommy-to-be.

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