The woman who was parlaying on a yacht in France with Carmelo Anthony has been identified as Swedish and Moroccan beauty Sara Smiri.

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But, the jury is still out on whether or not she’s actually married with children.

While some outlets are reporting homegirl is as single as a dollar bill, Page Six reports:

A source confirmed to Page Six that Smiri was the woman in the pics.

But the insider said that while she uses “Smiri” on Instagram, it’s not her married name. Multiple outlets reported that Smiri is 28 and single, despite Anthony’s releasing a video shooting down the rumors and claiming she has a family. “Y’all trying to expose somebody’s wife,” he implored. “Y’all exposing somebody’s kids. Leave that alone, man. That ain’t cool.” He’s said he was on a retreat with his business partner.

An insider added to Page Six, “She’s married. Her husband is extremely private. They have a beautiful child. Her brother was even attending” the retreat, for the shoe brand Jordan, with them.

Lala Anthony is going through it, which leads me to believe she knows something we don’t know.

Last week, the “Power” star posted-then-deleted a photo of a heart with a dagger in it.

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I’m sure if Sara Smiri truly was a happily married woman, it wouldn’t be hard for Carmelo to prove that to Lala.

Your thoughts?

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