Carmelo Anthony’s Former Mistress Mia Burke Weighs In On His Yacht Scandal

Carmelo Anthony‘s former mistress and the mother of the baby girl he fathered outside of his marriage is weighing in on his yacht scandal.

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Mia Angel Burke took to Instagram to get a few things off of her chest regarding her daughter’s absentee father.

Taking to her IG story, she wrote:

n***as out here explaining how they’re laid up on a boat with “another man’s wife” BUT can’t explain why they can’t spend time with their daughter.




She also added: #blackmendontcheat✊?

See Mia’s original posts below.

Mia Angel Burke - Carmelo Anthony

While I understand Mia’s frustrations with Carmelo abandoning her daughter – sis gotta remember she was sleeping with someone’s husband when she conceived her.

Your thoughts?

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