Carmelo Anthony buys soccer team in Puerto Rico


Carmelo Anthony is doing big things!

The New York Knicks forward announced on Thursday that he is the proud owner of an NASL expansion team that will play it’s home games in Puerto Rico.

Carmelo’s club, Puerto Rico FC, will join the North American Soccer League and begin playing in 2016.

In an exclusive interview with ESPN FC, the NBA baller revealed he’s always had a passion for soccer.

My passion for soccer has always been there.

I just always kept it to myself and among my circle. Going to games, sneaking into games and just watching and being around the sport over the years. The more time I started spending in Puerto Rico over the past six, seven years I realized that there was kind of a void down there on my island. The island didn’t really have anything that they could kind of call their own, that they could represent not just on the island but from a global standpoint.

It was a perfect chance for me to not only revive that energy and that club, but to start something fresh. I want to be that one team that represents Puerto Rico.

For me, it’s more about bringing that global awareness back to Puerto Rico.

Everyone in the world wants to visit Puerto Rico. And there’s a lot of Puerto Ricans scattered throughout the world, and in America alone. I want to connect to those pockets of Puerto Ricans in New York, Chicago, Philadelphia, Orlando. That’s something I want to tap into.

Carmelo and his wife, Lala Anthony are both of Puerto Rican descent and she couldn’t be more proud of her husband.

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