Carmelo Anthony is speaking out against reports of him cheating after photos of him posted up on a yacht in France with a woman in a swimsuit.

The timing couldn’t have been worse as his wife, Lala Anthony, was back at home celebrating her 36th birthday.

He did send her this birthday message on IG:

Unfortunately, Carmelo doing dirt isn’t hard to believe considering he has cheated in the past and had a baby outside of his marriage.

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But, he wants you to know that is NOT the case with these photos that have surfaced.

Watch below as he explains:

I’m wondering why he didn’t take Lala on the trip with him. That would have been an awesome trip for her birthday.

Secondly, if Carmelo Anthony was on a business trip with another couple, wouldn’t Lala already have known that?

Why would he have to explain it and fix it with her and his son?

Your thoughts?

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