Cardi B and Offset scooped their dream home for the holidays!

Kulture’s parents closed on a gorgeous new home on Christmas Eve.

Cardi took to Instagram to share:

Closing time

@offsetyrn and I been house hunting for the past 2 years with our realtor @b_luxurious. It has been a roller roller coaster! Houses that @offsetyrn liked there was always a room I didn’t like that we couldn’t agreed on ?and a couple houses that I liked @offsetyrn said NO because the areas they where in are not to good.

We even though about building a house but with a family that’s a bit complicated. With the help of @b_luxurious and God WE GOT OUR HOUSE!!!!! Sorry if the videos don’t fit so well on Instagram.

Offset and Cardi also shared a glimpse of the new Cephus home with a collection of videos of the interior and exterior.

Take a gander below.

Congratulations to the Cephus family on their new home! Kulture will have plenty of room to grow and play!