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Woman Claims She’s Pregnant With Offset’s Child

Offset is having one helluva week!

First, his phone was hacked and he was accused of cheating when photos of a nude woman in his room were leaked.

cardi-b-offset-celina powell-pregnant
Celina Powell

Now, a woman has posted sonogram photos claiming she’s expecting a child with Cardi B‘s fiancé.

Celina Powell, who goes by the handle “XOCelina187,” took to the streets of Instagram and wrote:

These past few months have been a complete mess…but I finally found enough strength to open up about what’s going on…Yes I am expecting & yes she’s a GIRL ? my whole life is changing and right now it’s definitely for the better.

I’m not sure what the future hold but I hope @offsetyrn & I work this out for the sake of Karma Lee Cephus. I know y’all like ‘this b-tch done faked hella pregnancies’ but this time there’s NOOO doubt.

I can’t wait to meet you my angel ???THIS IS A 3D ULTRASOUND AT BABY ZOOM IN CASLE ROCK COLORADO??????in the video my sister says ‘yeah IT definitely looks like it’s dad’ not HIS dad.

Cardi B & Offset Shrug Off Woman's Pregnancy Claims
@XOCelina187 Instagram

Unfortunately, Celina has a history of playing pregnant and blaming popular rappers – including Fetty Wap and Chief Keef. She’s definitely not new to this.

I also find it odd that she stressed the name and location of where this alleged ultrasound was done. Perhaps it was a paid ad…

Either way, Offset and Cardi B aren’t paying Celina any mind. According to TMZ, the rapper has never met the girl in person.

A mess….