Cardi B On Her Decision To Fix Her Teeth

Cardi B Discusses Her Decision To Fix Her Teeth

Cardi B, our favorite regular, degular, shmegular girl from the Bronx stopped by Hot 97 on Wednesday morning to shoot the breeze with “Ebro in the Morning.”

During their convo, the former dancer-turned-rapper and “Love & Hip Hop” star reluctantly talked about getting her teeth fixed.

Cardi B shared:

You know, when I was growing up I never got talked about because of my teeth.

I guess it looked a lil crazy on camera and whateva.

And then, I just kept hearing it repeatedly, repeatedly, repeatedly…and then it’s just like, ‘You know what? I’m gone just do it.’

Cause I’m the type of person that likes to prove people things.

Watch the clip below.



Her happiness and self-confidence is all that matters!

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