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Press, press, press. Cardi B don’t need more press!

But, the Grammy Award-winning rapper is addressing criticism concerning her songwriting.

Kulture‘s mama ranked No. 7 on Billboard‘s top Hot 100 songwriters of 2018 list and some folks had questions about it.

In a now deleted tweet, one person wrote:

I had it up to here with this BS NOW One thing that she got a Grammy but r u kidding me @billboard how tf is Cardi on this list and SHE DOESNT WRITE ANYTHING SHE ADMITTED TO HAVING A TEAM OF WRITERS SO HOW TF DID SHE MAKE TOP SONGWRITER #really #stupid this is a joke now

Cardi wasted no time defending her pen. Although she admits to having writers who help out, she stands firmly in the fact that she writes a lot of her own shizznit!

Because I do write a lot of my sh*t that’s the thing. Yes just like every other artist I do have a couple writer that help with hooks but I wrote plenty of songs on my album specially my mixtape. Ya just flip sh*t and ya want to believe the f*ck shit so bad but EAT IT UP B*TCH!

See Cardi’s original tweet below:

Cardi B

Does it matter to you whether or not a rapper writes all of their own lyrics?

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