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Cardi B Defends Her Publicist After She Threatens To Smack A Rude Photog (Video)

Cardi B takes to social media to defend her publicist, Patience Foster, following an incident in Australia. Get the scoop.

Cardi B Defends Her Publicist
@IAm_KingPee | Instagram

Cardi B took to the streets of social media to defend her ride or die publicist, Patience Foster, after she threatened a rude photographer.

The Grammy-nominated rapper and her publicist were walking through an airport terminal in Sydney, Australia when the photog said, “No wonder your husband left you.”

That’s when Patience snapped! She rolled up on the photog and let her know with the swiftness:

B–ch, I’ll smack the sh-t out of you!

Don’t you ever come out your mouth about her motherf–king husband!

Watch your mouth! Watch your mouth! Watch your mouth!

As you can imagine, greasy-mouth photog quickly retreated.

Watch below.



When fans criticized Patience for how she handled the situation, Cardi came to her defense.



While Cardi B had everyone’s attention – she got a few more things off of her chest!



What are your thoughts on the situation?

Do you think Patience did the right thing by G-checking the photog or could she have handled it differently?

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