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Press, press, press, press… Cardi B don’t need more press!

The Grammy Award-winning rapper took to social media and blasted TMZ for reporting she had been indicted by a grand jury on 14 counts stemming from a brawl at a strip club last year.

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Kulture’s mama kicked it off by calling out Harvey Levin, who she referred to as a “wrinkle fake tan bitch” who goes out of his way to “report sh*t on people in the urban culture and even make sh*t up.”

Read Cardi B’s full post below:

HARVEY YOU WRINKLE FAKE TAN B**CH! You don’t profit on talking about white celebrities so you go out your way to report sh*t on people in the urban culture and even make sh*t up. 

It’s crazy how 2 months ago my publicist had to go out of her way to prove to you guys that I had surgery because you insisted that i was pregnant and you was going to reported it because a reliable source claim to tell you.

I never did jail time, I don’t have NO CRIMINAL RECORD but they want to drag this case because they want fame and they want press. Waste people tax money on a bullsh*t case a MISDEMEANOR CASE. 

I don’t understand how I been to court 6 times for a misdemeanor a f**king MISDEMEANOR and now you try to upgrade to a FELONY E the lowest of low cause I refuse to agree to ya terms!!! 

The prosecutors are in meetings talking about “she hangs with gang members” but ya don’t MY CLEAN ASS RECORD, talk about all of the private donations I gave that are on my bank statements, the charity events I perform for or how I got the keys for MARLBORO, Brooklyn that my “Gang member” friends arranged to give out coats something you white motherf**kers don’t do for the community.

Ya don’t do sh*t to better the community but harass and oppress!

After getting it off of her chest, Cardi deleted the post – before someone pulls it out in her next court hearing.

Cardi isn’t the first Hip Hop star to call out TMZ.

T.I. blasted TMZ after they reported on his late sister Precious Harris‘ cause of death.

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Your thoughts on Cardi B’s response to TMZ?

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