Cardi B didn’t appreciate how she was portrayed one bit (and I honestly don’t blame her).

She took to social media and went OFF! Saying that they VH1 practically begged her to put her hectic schedule on hold to go on the trip – only to turn around and make her look as if she wasn’t invited.

N***as was begging me and my f**kin sister to go to Mexico…

Y’all make me go to f**kin Mexico so I can find out that y’all tried to f**kin play me like I was some kind of uninvited a** guest!

I would never chill with none of y’all b**ches! NEVER….NEVER!

I don’t even know why VH! Is trying to make me look like a mark a** b**ch!

Cardi B, who has already announced her plans to leave “Love & Hip Hop,” continued:

That’s why I’m not f**kin with this TV sh*t. This sh*t is f**kin ridiculous!

Watch Cardi B go AWF below!

I’m very happy Cardi is hopping off of the reality TV wagon while she can because they really did her dirty last night.