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Cardi B‘s 2017 glow-up is rolling over into the new year!

On the heels of Finessing us with her Bruno Mars collaboration, “Bartier Cardi has now topped Beyoncé‘s Billboard record by becoming the first woman with five Top 10 hits on the Hot R&B/Hip-Hop Songs chart in a single week. Bey previously held the record with four Top 10 hits.

In addition to that, Cardi B has inked her first movie deal and will begin filming in March.

Via TMZ:

No word what the film’s called or how much she’s getting for it, but it must be a ton. One source told us … because of filming, Cardi’s had to turn down other gigs in March that would’ve made her between $100k-$200k. Translation … although we don’t know how much she’ll make on the movie, it’s not gonna be pocket change.

Congrats to Cardi!