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CANDID CONVOS: Karrueche Tran On Acting, Her Break Up With Chris Brown, & Why You Can’t Compare Her To Rihanna

On her current relationship status:

I am 100% single…helloooo!


Is she dating again:

I’m really just focused on me. I can’t get into no relationship right now.


How she avoids Chris:

It’s hard. I make it so we don’t have to cross paths so it’s awkward. But, I do get on Instagram and there’s people like tagging us or I’ll hear a song…or something. I don’t know. You gotta just block it out. It’s no bitterness.

I’ll definitely keep it cordial and positive. No drama.


How she found out about Royalty:

When it hit TMZ…I was like ‘Oh…oh…okay!’

I called him, I cussed him out, and I was like (washes hands motion).

After the whole Rihanna thing…it’s been like a year or whatever…we’ve been trying to fix what was broken and that was just the icing on the cake.

So, I just had to completely pull away.


On Chris Brown taking a car back from her:

I’ve never had any car repossessed. Any car that I have driven has been in my name.

He did purchase me a car a couple years ago, it was in my name and I sold it. (She traded it in to the dealership)

My car now is in my name. I pay it every month. Ain’t nothing getting repossessed.


Does she have beef with Rihanna:

Nooo. Not at all. We just dated the same guy and that kinda what it is.

It’s always a competition thing and they compare us, but she is Rihanna! She’s a Pop star, she’s beautiful, she makes great music, and I’m just me.

I’m growing and working into myself. So, you can’t really compare us because we’re different. We’re two different girls.


On Royalty sleeping with her Hello Kitty pillow:

Where did that come from? Is that a real story?

Because I did see on Instagram somebody said something about a Hello Kitty pillow.

I never gave…nooo…I have all of them with me.

I have no idea what they’re talking about. Where did that come from? There’s no picture of the pillow. So, what pillow are they talking about.


On her Iyanla Vanzant interview:

She does the ‘Fix Your Life‘ thing, but my…our segment wasn’t ‘Fix Your Life’ it was just an interview. I just believe that her approach…I think she’s great at what she does.

She’s very inspirational and motivational, but I think her approach is a little different to how other people interview. I don’t know. Maybe she got it mixed up with thinking maybe it was ‘Fix My Life.’

I’m not too sure. Yeah….it was a different approach.

Honestly, it was a little uncomfortable the way the interview was going and there was a bit of a break during the interview.

But, then we kinda took a break then got back together and everything.


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