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Caitlyn Jenner is now denouncing Donald Trump after realizing he could care less about the LGBTQ community.

Sis, we all knew that – you’re late to the party.

In an op-ed for the Washington Post Kris Jenner’s ex-husband said:

Believing that I could work with Trump and his administration to support our community was a mistake.

Trump was the first Republican presidential candidate to claim to support this valuable, vulnerable community, and I was encouraged by the applause he received when he said at the Republican National Convention in July 2016 that he would stand up for the LGBTQ community.

This is politics at its worst. It is unacceptable, it is upsetting, and it has deeply, personally hurt me.

I will still work with anyone who is committed to help our community.

Watch a video clip below.



Now, I’ve got nothing but love for my LGBTQ friends, but Caitlyn makes me sick.

Out of all of the disgraceful, hateful and evil things Trump has said and done before and since he took office…you NOW decide you can no longer support him when he doesn’t support you and your community?! Got it.

When Trump does one community dirty – he’s doing us all dirty!

Congratulations, Caitlyn. You played yourself.

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