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The key witness, who identified C-Murder as the shooter in a 2002 Louisiana nightclub killing, has recanted his testimony and revealed he was pressured by detectives to identity the rapper as the culprit.

In a sworn statement, Kenneth Jordan said he was pressured by Jefferson Parish Sheriff’s Office detectives to lie under oath and identify C-Murder or he would face criminal charges.

I was distraught and scared.

JPSO officers told me that if I testified against Corey Miller I could ‘go home’; they told me what to say; they fed me facts about the fight and details about the DJ and the dance party, none of which I really knew.

Apparently, police targeted Kenneth after his newborn baby was found dead and the child’s mother was only 16-years-old. Police threatened to charge him with statutory rape because the age of consent in Louisiana is 17.

He now admits, “If I could turn back the hands of time, I wouldn’t have did it. In that moment it felt like that’s what I had to do.”

During C-Murder’s retrial in 2009, Kenneth said he attempted to tell the truth, but he says was told it was “too late” to change his story. He also added that Jefferson Parish deputies harassed him and his family.

47-year-old C-Murder is currently serving a life sentence Louisiana State Penitentiary at Angola for the murder of a 16-year-old Steven Thomas.

He has always maintained his innocence.

In 2011, his appeal was denied and he was ordered to pay $1.15 million to Thomas’ family.

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