K. Michelle tribute video to her booty BetsyK. Michelle Pays Tribute To Betsy

K. Michelle took to social media to post a tribute video to “Betsy,” her bountiful booty.

The singer revealed during a recent interview on Hot 97, that she is undergoing surgery on January 12 to COMPLETELY remove her butt implants.

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K. made light of the situation by posting a tribute video to reminisce on some of her good times with Betsy!

She captioned the clip:

Good Betsy! It’s been of you stealing my shine? It’s time to allow my new booty to be set free. I had so much fun Betsy! You were the app of the eye of several nfl, nba, and rappers. They loved that ass!

But I am proud to say you were not thotful you were lady like! I will miss you and how my jeans fit? But I won’t miss hopping into my jeans every morning. I won’t miss my weight being so up and down that when I’m smaller you have me looking like a chicken drum stick.

My ASS is already pregnant how could i ever handle carrying twins also with all that weight my legs would give out. I’ll miss you busy but you also caused me inflammation through out my body. No amount of beauty is worth your health!

So everything has to be returned to its natural state! Jan I’ll really be Kimberly again.

Watch the tribute video below.


K. Michelle is a trip! But, I’m happy she is putting her health over her vanity.

Praying her surgery goes well.