What in the world is Busta Rhymes going through?

Last week, the Brooklyn rapper was arrested after he threw a protein shake on a fitness center employee. Now, police want to chit chat with him for allegedly threatening a woman at the BET Awards in June.

Busta Rhymes Arrested & Charged With 2nd Degree Assault Following Gym Altercation

Kim Simpson says her friend bumped into Bussa Buss while dancing at the BET Awards and he told her, “I’ll bite you and not that kinda bite” if it happened again.

Things escalated when the girls were taking pics of Deelishis and Busta got caught up in the flashing lights. He allegedly told Kim, “Don’t make me slap you,” then charged at her.

Security intervened before things got really ugly.

Kim Simpson filed a police report following the incident. Now, police are looking to politic with the “Woo Hah” rapper.

The big homie may want to sit in an anger management class or two. His temper is getting out of hand.


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