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Bullied Student Keaton Jones’ Mother Exposed As A Racist Scammer? (Video)

Keaton Jones - Kimberly Jones


Keaton Jones

Over the weekend, everyone was touched by the heartbreaking viral video of Keaton Jones, a young boy who was being bullied at school.

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There has been an outpouring of love and support with many celebrities sharing words of encouragement and offering Keaton everything from gifts to invites to premieres.

By Monday morning, a few unearthed Facebook posts suggested Keaton’s mama, Kimberly Jones, is a Confederate flag-lovin racist.

A post shared by Tony Baker (@tonybakercomedy) on


By Monday afternoon, Kimberly already had a GoFundMe set up and wanted monetary donations in place of all the great offers made by those touched by Keaton’s plight. She even encouraged folks to tag more celebs in an effort to collect even more money.

In just 2 days, the GoFundMe has raised over $58,000.

Mixed martial arts fighter Joe Schilling blew the whistle on Ms. Jones’ hustle when he reached out to her to take Keaton to one of his fights. She declined the offer and directed him to her GoFundMe instead.

He posted the following video on IG:


After he posted the video, Kimberly Jones reminded him that “whites are supposed to stick together against the predator.”

Keaton Jones

Some folks are saying the account interacting with Joe is a fake. Either way it ain’t safe.

The best thing to do at this point is to pray for Keaton and send your donations to an anti-bullying charity.

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