Diff’rent Strokes” star Todd Bridges says he’s much better now after he had to talk with a “crooked mouth” as a result of being sucker-punched while trying to help his neighbor.

According to Todd, his wheelchair-bound friend asked him to come over and assist him in evicting a female tenant he had.

What Todd didn’t know was that the woman’s boyfriend was hiding in another room. As Todd informed the woman named Laura that his friend wanted her out of the residence.

After their discussion, Todd Bridges says he turned around and Laura’s boyfriend sucker-punched him!

The 53-year-old actor told NBC Los Angeles:

It did more than shock me! First of all, it stunned me because I didn’t realize I got hit until I was on the ground!

I was like, ‘I just got hit!’ And then, as I was looking up the person was gone.

Todd said he can’t press charges because he doesn’t know who hit him.

He also noted the incident happened about seven months ago and someone must’ve sold it to TMZ for a coin.



Todd said he isn’t angry – he just hates that his kids have to see their dad getting assaulted.

Watch his interview below.

Poor guy. He was just trying to help his friend. But, the lesson in this is don’t let folks get you caught up in their mess!

Wheelchair Jimmy should have called the police to evict Laura and Todd would have been just fine.

Someone needs to press charges on Laura.

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