Bruce Jenner - I am a woman - Diane Sawyer

Bruce Jenner says he is a woman.

During his exclusive two-hour interview with Diane Sawyer, the former Olympic champion said that he has all of his male parts, but his is a woman.

Yes! For all intents and purposes…I am a woman. People look at me differently. They see you as this ‘macho male,’ but my heart and my soul and everything that I do in life it is part of me. That female side is part of me. That’s who I am.

I was not genetically born that way. As of now, I have all the male parts and all that kind of stuff. So, in a lot of ways we are different. Okay? But, we still identify as female and that’s very hard for Bruce Jenner to say.

Cause why? I don’t want to disappoint people.

Watch the video footage below.



In the video below, Bruce Jenner sets the record straight on his sexual orientation. He told Diane, “I am not gay. I am…as far as I know, I am heterosexual. I’ve never been with a guy.”



Bruce credits Kim Kardashian as being the most accepting about his transition and revealed Kanye West was instrumental and getting her to a place of acceptance.



Despite the cruel headlines and the all of the jokes made about him, I applaud Bruce for being brave enough to live his truth and share his story.

Peep some celebrity reactions below.


Photo & Video courtesy of ABC

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