Teen Stabs Bully To Death

A Bronx teen, who had been bullied since the first day of high school, snapped on Wednesday and attacked his bullies, stabbing one to death and critically injuring the other.

18-year-old Abel Cedeno was in class for about 30 minutes before he got up to leave and 15-year-old Matthew McCree threw a pencil at him.

That’s when Abel “went crazy” and savagely attacked McCree with a switchblade and fatally stabbed him.

Abel also gashed 16-year-old Ariane Laboy with the switchblade, but his injuries are non-life threatening.

Via NY Daily News:

The abuse heaped upon Abel Cedeno, 18, was previously reported to officials at his Bronx high school without any response, said friend Savannah Hornbeck before the accused killer’s Thursday arraignment.

“The kids were calling him a f—-t, calling him a s–c,” said Hornbeck, 34. “After it had been reported numerous times and there was no reaction from the school, Abel felt (there was) no other way out.”

Cedeno was placed under suicide watch and held without bail in the murder of 15-year-old Matthew McCree and the stabbing of a second youth as horrified students in their history class watched helplessly.

Cedeno had no prior arrests and no gang affiliations, according to cops. Perez said Cedeno’s mom was stuck in Puerto Rico in the aftermath of Hurricane Maria.

“The defendant admits to purchasing a (switchblade) knife two weeks before online and stabbing two people,” said Assistant District Attorney Nancy Borko. “He’s admitting stabbing these people with a knife he ordered.”

McCree and Laboy were breaking pencils and tossing the broken pieces at Cedeno’s head before the accused killer attacked his tormentors, police said.

Cedeno lunged at McCree with his stainless steel switchblade, stabbing and slashing the victim’s chest and torso, police said.

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My prayers to all of the families affected by this tragedy.