Brittney Griner wants blood test Glory Johnson twins


Brittney Griner Wants A Blood Test On Glory Johnson’s Twins

It looks like Brittney Griner is ready to step up and be a father to Glory Johnson‘s twins, but only after she establishes the paternity of the baby girls.

Via TMZ:

WNBA star Brittney Griner wants estranged wife Glory Johnson to ante up medical records to prove once and for all whether the kids at the center of their child support war are hers, or a child sired by Glory’s ex-boyfriend.

It’s as messy as it gets. Griner admits she and Glory agreed to have a child with the help of a fertility clinic, and she also seems agreeable to pay support if Glory was inseminated at the clinic.

But as TMZ Sports previously reported, Griner has a strong suspicion the sperm came from Glory’s ex-BF, and if that’s the case she shouldn’t have to pay Glory any support.

That’s why Griner wants to get to the bottom of things by pursuing Glory’s medical records.

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