Brittney Griner Claims Glory Johnson Was Secretly Texting and Sleeping With Men


In the latest chapter of the Griner/Johnson saga…Brittney Griner claims Glory Johnson was secretly texting and sleeping with her ex-boyfriend.

Brittney filed for an annulment 28 days after she and Glory tied the knot stating their marriage was based on “fraud and duress.”

According to an amendment to the initial annulment petition, Brittney claims she discovered Glory was still texting her ex and having a “sexual relationship with a man.”

You may recall, in May, Glory Johnson told the New York Times that she wasn’t a lesbian.

Glory admitted, “I’m not a lesbian. But Brittney is different.”

She added, “I still don’t really feel like I’m attracted to females in general. It’s just that I’m attracted to just one person.”

Brittney was fully aware of Glory’s sexual orientation. She even told the NYT she had reservations about it.

“Glory is straight. That was another reason why I thought this could end really bad,” Brittney confessed.

Here’s where it gets interesting…

In court docs, Brittney Griner says she discovered Glory Johnson was still kicking with her ex when she discovered text messages on April 6, 2015. Two weeks later, they were arrested for throwing down in their home.

Brit claims, had she known Glory still had feelings for her ex, she wouldn’t have married her, which isn’t the truth because they tied the knot a month after she found the text messages.

Read Brittney Griner’s updated court filing on page 2.