Britney Spears - Hillary Clinton

Britney Spears Kicks It With Hillary Clinton In Las Vegas But Doesn’t Endorse Her

Britney Spears had a great time kicking it with 2016 presidential hopeful Hillary Clinton in Las Vegas on Thursday night, but it wasn’t enough for her to endorse her.

The Pop star, who has a rolling show in Vegas, took to social media to gush about meeting Hillary.

Being in Vegas for #PieceOfMe is amazing for so many reasons… Especially today… because I had the incredible opportunity to meet @HillaryClinton!! Such an inspiration and beautiful voice for women around the world!!! This woman had an intense presence and I felt very honored to meet her!!!


The post originally included the hashtag #ImWithHer, which means she’s endorsing Hillary Clinton, but she quickly removed it.

I guess Britney Spears needs more convincing.

Your thoughts?

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