Brandy Norwood‘s nasty battle with her record label just got uglier.

In March, the singer filed a lawsuit against her record label, Chameleon Entertainment Group, claiming they have blocked her from recording and releasing new music.

The label responded by calling the lawsuit an “unwarranted desperate attempt to stay relevant.”


As the battle continued, Brandy likened her contract with Chameleon to “slavery” and that’s when they clapped back with a low blow.

Via TMZ:

A rep for Chameleon Entertainment CEO Breyon Prescott tells TMZ … Brandy’s allegations are a desperate ploy to drum up publicity instead of facing facts — her best days are behind her. The rep says Breyon took a risk “signing an artist that hasn’t had a chart single success since the early 2000’s.”

We broke the story … Brandy sued Chameleon, saying it jeopardized her career when it tried to prevent her from recording and releasing new music, among other things.

Chameleon’s rep also believes Brandy made a bonehead PR move by making the slavery comparison due to racial tensions across the country right now.

We’re told Brandy and her lawyer reviewed the contract before signing, so Chameleon finds it odd she’s now crying foul.

Brandy’s rep fired back saying if she’s so washed up…why won’t they let her out of her contract.

Great question!

Your thoughts?