When a fan asked Brandy to join in on the #SoGoneChallenge, her response of “Chile Bye” reignited old rumors of bad blood between her and Monica Brown.

Monica kept it cute and didn’t fan the flames, however, Brandy took to social media over the weekend to sarcastically address the headlines and alleged shade.

The singer posted a photo of herself holding a sign that says, “Chile Bye” with the following caption:

Oh My GOD, this statement has me soooooooo relevant and soooooooo famous again (sarcastic) !! Should I do the #chilebyechallenge for more validation????? Lmao…. Or maybe I should drop a single like a remix or something so I can stay on top…. #challengesAreTheNewWave

Brandy disabled commenting on the post for obvious reasons, however she explained to one fan:

This post was about me…My humor is pretty profound to the point where if you have a petty perspective, you can view it that way because of your lens. To be jealous of someone else’s light is just silly at this point in my life and with my resume.. but to not wanna be involved in it, is simply a choice… If I were to do the challenge I’m sure it would go viral as well…the same as #InTheseStreets

Profound humor?

Many people, including myself, feel like Bran is coming off as a tad bitter – to which she responded:

She did however post a video of “The Rap Game” contestant, Niakay doing the #WannaBeDownChallenge.

Brandy is here for her own “challenge,” but not anyone else’s. Got it!

Your thoughts?