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Brandy Explains Mariah Carey Photo Wasn’t Shading J. Lo

I think we can all touch and agree that Brandy Norwood is extremely talented and equally as shady.

Sonja’s baby found herself on social media trying to explain why she posted a photo of herself and Mariah Carey and captioned it, “She knows me.”

We all know Mimi’s selective amnesia towards Jennifer Lopez has spanned over almost two decades and many J. Lo fans took it as Brandy being messy again.

See Brandy’s post after she edited it to explain herself below.


During an appearance on “The Talk,” Brandy Norwood explained the situation and reaffirmed she, in no way, was trying to shade Jennifer.–HR8


Do you believe Brandy was being a lil shady or her post was misinterpreted?

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