Brandy Addresses Pregnancy Rumors

Brandy Norwood is sick and “tide” of the ongoing pregnancy rumors. But, she’s loving her thicker frame.

The singer took to social media to express her gratitude to her fans in Chicago after a great show.

She also beat her critics to the punch by addresses the non-stop pregnancy rumors.

Brandy said if the rumors were true, her alleged baby would be a year-old by now.

God lives in my music and in my heart ??? Thank you #Chicago for making me feel special and loved. Chanting my name at the end of my performance humbled my entire soul. Love -brannie #Brandy

#vocalsandsoul are all that matter here… close your eyes if you think I’m pregnant. (As long as y’all been saying it, the baby would have been born and at least 1 by now) #thickerthanasnicker I love it?

See her post below. (Swipe for video)

Brandy better live her best thickum life and stop worrying about what folks have to say unless they plan to pay daycare for her faux baby.