Brandon T. Jackson Regrets Wearing A Dress With Martin Lawrence, Says Katt Williams Tried To Warn Him (Video)

Brandon T. Jackson recently sat down with Comedy Hype on the set of his forthcoming independent film, Trap City, and revealed he regrets wearing a dress in Big Momma’s House 3

He admitted, “every time I play these sons of people…it never goes right.” 

Brandon elaborated by saying Big Momma’s House 3 was not a good movie and he only did it for the money and the opportunity to work with Martin Lawrence

But, there’s more… Brandon T. Jackson says he regrets wearing a dress alongside Martin Lawrence in the film and reveals Katt Williams tried to warn him against it. 

Katt Williams would always say, ‘Brandon, don’t wear a dress!’ 

He would say it in the media and I thought he was heckling me. He was really trying to help me at the time. I didn’t know that. I was immature. 

Watch the clip below. 

Do you feel a way about men wearing dresses in films and television of a role calls for it?

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