Brandon T. Jackson recently sat down with Comedy Hype on the set of his forthcoming independent film, Trap City, and revealed he regrets wearing a dress in Big Momma’s House 3

He admitted, “every time I play these sons of people…it never goes right.” 

Brandon elaborated by saying Big Momma’s House 3 was not a good movie and he only did it for the money and the opportunity to work with Martin Lawrence

But, there’s more… Brandon T. Jackson says he regrets wearing a dress alongside Martin Lawrence in the film and reveals Katt Williams tried to warn him against it. 

Katt Williams would always say, ‘Brandon, don’t wear a dress!’ 

He would say it in the media and I thought he was heckling me. He was really trying to help me at the time. I didn’t know that. I was immature. 

Watch the clip below. 

Do you feel a way about men wearing dresses in films and television of a role calls for it?

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